We provide the following services to companies and individuals:

PREsS logo new transparentDesk research

Secondary desk research on practically anything! To help you to edit or write content for your book or electronic publication, we can provide reference material, information, maps & illustrations for rewriting and redrawing. We provide bibliographies and quality Web sites for further reading sections. We can also recommend resources to aid your own research to ensure you use evaluated and reliable resources.

Fact checking

PResS provides a thorough factual consultancy service.

* Checking facts, spellings, dates, quotes, tracking copyright – virtually any subject.
* Fact checking service for whole manuscripts/books or individual chapters/texts.
* Evaluation of sources and references, in particular websites and online resources.

Stationery-49Web research & resource evaluation training

Your text for publication must be accurate! When you are using reference material from the Web as a resource for researching and writing publications it is imperative that you and your authors use only excellent quality resources. With the advent of notoriously unreliable, publicly produced wiki-type resources on the Web, you must be sure to have a good knowledge of quality resources, plus Website evaluation skills. Most of us think we’re pretty good at finding things on the web, trusting Google to come up with our answers but, actually, finding reliable, authoritative, as well as fit for purpose, resources is not always easy or straightforward.

PResS runs workshops to help you to find and evaluate good resources, along with methods and techniques for fact checking text you already have. The workshops can be tailored to a particular subject, research area or to a specific group of employees and can be held on your own premises. Workshops are usually run in small groups of 10 or less, with a practical element of more than 50%, to enable individual research queries to be addressed in a practical setting. Please contact Simone for more information on competitive training fees and personalised courses.

New workshops:  Coming up – 3 hour workshops on speed reading, evaluating Web sources, desk research online and ‘smart’ fact checking. Watch this space for full details!