The resurgence of print? A book lover’s chuckle in the age of digitisation!

It is with great delight that my opening blog reports an upsurge in the sale of print books – in 2014. Yes, 2014! The Observer article, written just prior to this year’s London Book Fair examined the sales of children’s literature in print and found a rise of 9% in 2014. Remarkably, this was driven by the young (that is, those in their 20s & 30s (cough!) as well as teenagers). So it must be that young people are, mythically, glued to their tablets/iphones/e-readers/smart watches. But in their droves are putting these down for a 3cm wedge of bound paper.

The article also commented on the resurgence of Waterstones, who reported a 5% rise in sales in December 2014. Excellent! Now, like many of you I have an e-reader, which deserves pride of place in my weight-restricted aircraft carry-on bag. But that, my friends, is where my love of e-books end. Last week at JFK, awaiting a flight home to the UK, I was wandering around Hudson’s Booksellers, spotted a book I had to read and bought it.

Nothing beats the feel of paper, just as, for some people, nothing beats real tobacco, not vapour….

[Image © Huluvu424242]