Fact checkers’ personality traits

As a desk researcher/fact checker of educational books I have frequently been described as nit-picking. I made the mistake of putting this into a thesaurus…

“cantankerous, carping, caviling, cavillous, censorious, contrary, crabby, cross, demanding, deprecating, disparaging, exacting, exceptive, fault-finding, finicky, fussy, hypercritical, irritable, nagging, overcritical, pedantic, peevish, perverse, petulant, sarcastic, severe, testy, touchy”

Is this really me and does a fact checker need to be quite this,image uhmm, anal!?
I found an article in Psychology Today from¬†Michael Chorost, who describes being a fact checker “like doing a doctoral defense combined with a colonoscopy.”¬†

The answer to my question, then, is a resounding “YES!” The attention to detail is exacting and demanding, the fault finding is pedantic and severe, to do a great job one has to be finicky and hypercritical and after a day of being all of these things can result in being touchy, cross and carping. Perhaps you’d better just ask my husband!